6 Beautiful Wooden iPhone Accessories

With its knots, growth rings and unique colouring, natural wood is one of the most interesting materials on earth, so it’s a surprise that so few manufacturers and designers opt to use it when producing accessories for the iPhone, instead choosing (admittedly cheaper) favourites such as plastic and rubber. However, for those of you who are willing to pay a little extra for something utterly distinctive and unusual, or even fancy some inspiration in order to craft something yourself, we’ve gathered a few examples of the best and most creative wooden iPhone accessories for you to look at.

Log Dock

Log Dock

Woodtec are a small company selling wooden electronics accessories over at Etsy.com, the majority of which are made to order. Pictured above is a beautiful iPhone dock – apparently also compatible with iPods – crafted from a single chunk of cedar wood which is currently selling for $78.00. As with most docks, it can be used either to charge the device or sync with a computer. More photos can be seen at Etsy.

Dual Dock

Dual Doc

Again from Woodtec, the dual iPhone/iPod docking log takes the single log dock and adds room for another device. Now you can charge your iPhone and iPod simultaneously via a single length of tree limb. Unsurprisingly, as there’s more wood and an extra connection, the dual dock comes in at a higher price but for something so unique, $119.00 is surely money well spent.

Miniot’s iWood Cobra

iWood Cobra

iWood Cobra 2

Miniot are a company dedicated to the production of the iWood range; cases for iPhones and iPods which have been both lovingly and expertly crafted from exotic woods. The stunning case pictured above goes by the name of the iWood Cobra and is made using two different types of wood, hence the lightly coloured racing stripes which conjure memories of the AC Cobra sports car built in the 1960s. Depending on the wood chosen, the Cobra will set you back either €120 or €140.

Radius Wood Art Headphones

Radius Wood Art Headphones

Japanese electronics manufacturers Radius have released a range of wooden iPhone accessories named the Interior Collection, and these beautiful maple headphones are an incredible example of the quality to be expected. According to the Radius website, the headphones produce a ‘soft yet sharp high tone’ as a result of the wood. Also available are these equally impressive in-ear buds.

Radius Wood Piece Speaker

Wood Piece Speaker

Also worth noting from the aforementioned Radius collection is this stunning wooden speaker, small and attractive enough to carry around on your keyring whilst powerful enough to warrant purchasing in the first place. The speaker boasts a respectable 5hr battery life – rechargeable via USB – and the following minuscule dimensions: 26mm(W) x 30mm(H) x 19.5mm(D).

Automata iPhone Dock

Automata iPhone Dock

Designer Murtaza Lakdawala was looking to build a unique docking cradle for the iPhone when he stumbled on the woodcraft known as Automata – basically hand-cranked, kinetic sculptures – and quickly settled on the idea of the dock seen above which enables the phone to be rotated, portrait to landscape, by way of a crank at its base. Unfortunately the dock isn’t yet for sale but a description of the building process can be seen at Murtaza’s website.

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