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Salt Water Baja Runner by The Source

At a Glance

  • Baja Racer Car
  • Powered by salt water

£7.78 £10.34

Salt Water 4 X 4 Engine Car Kit by The Source

  • Educational Toy - great for adults and kids
  • Salt water powered engine
  • The engine & height are adjustable
  • Twistable body with 4-wheel drive
  • Pivotable body for rugged surfaces
  • Engine can be assembled in flat or 'V' shape
  • 4 - 5 drops of salt water gives 15 minutes of usage

£12.01 £15.98

Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle kit

At a Glance The Salt Water Fuel Cell Motorcycle Kit is the newest edition to OWI's growing line of Salt Wat..

£17.14 £22.79

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